Meet: Chulsu Kim

Chulsu Jr

Of Korean origin, I was born in 1981 in Yamaguchi, Japan, and after studying at Tokyo Fashion College he settled in the Japanese capital. I came to photography via an iPhone bought in 2010. Armed with an iPhone and a discreet Ricoh GR, I stalks through Tokyo in search of chance encounters. “Photographing people in the street, instinctively and on the fly, is a full-time challenge. As the series advances, each person you’ve photographed links up with the sensibility of the others. We’re all involved in the same comedy. But there’s a moment when you become your own best actor: amusement, anger, hate, pity, gravity – these feelings send me a signal, like an electric pulse, that makes me press the button. It’s that snapshot, that moment of spontaneity, that you have to catch.”



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