Wearethestreet Zine: Volume 1

Wearethestreet: Volume 1

Hi everyone! We are super excited to announce our first Wearethestreet zine! The zine was designed by Wearethestreet member Aik Beng Chia and features work from all of our team. This is of course the first, in what we hope will be many volumes.

Cover of Wearethestreet Volume 1. CO Jt White.

Volume 1, features work from our upcoming exhibition with Leica Camera Korea in Seoul, South Korea. We hope Volume 2 will focus more on a place or country that we will all shoot. We are of course open to ideas! Feel free to comment below.

The link to purchase the Volume 1 is HERE. If you have any questions ask any of the members here or on any other social media platform.

Also, will still have several open spots for our upcoming workshop in Seoul! There are several spots available for both the July 7-8 workshop and the July 14-15 workshop. If you’d like to come and learn from some of the Wearethestreet team hurry and sign up!

You can apply for the workshop HERE.

All the best,

– Wearethestreet Team.



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